Coronavirus Support

During these unprecedented and frightening times many of us feel our lives have been turned upside down. You may be struggling with feelings of anxiety, loneliness, loss or even anger. Relationships could be under strain. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by the impact of social distancing, lack of routine, health concerns and thoughts about life or death. Or you may feel out of control, uncertain about your job, your finances or what’s going to happen next. 

In dealing with and trying to cope with these thoughts and feelings, you may not a have a close friend or family member to talk to, or you might not want to burden them. Perhaps you are concerned about being judged or dismissed. Whatever emotional struggles you are facing, I can offer a confidential place where you can talk, reflect and start to make sense.                                

Taking the first step towards counselling can be difficult, especially if you are also worried about having to use new technologies such as Zoom. To help, I offer a free 15-minute video call where we can have a chat to answer any questions you may have and also help get you used to the technology. After this you may feel better equipped to decide if counselling is right for you. However, there is no pressure to make an immediate decision.                                                                                                                 

So let me help support you through the Coronavirus, whatever your individual experience is. It can help to talk.                                         

Appointments are available Monday – Thursday. Early or late sessions are available. Sessions can be held via face to face, Zoom, Skype or telephone.