How my clients view me 

 "I really enjoyed my sessions with Mandy and found them incredibly useful in building my resilience and all-round mental health. I felt listened to throughout each session – and that Mandy facilitated a comfortable and open space for me to come and discuss the challenges I was facing.

Mandy’s counselling felt like a real journey to me – building on everything we discussed and learnt session to session. I can honestly say that in our two years together, I have become more self-aware, more focused and more resilient by listening and taking on the skills, guidance, resources and support she has provided me with. I understand myself much better now – and feel in a much better place both emotionally, and physically than I did when I started my sessions. I know that I now have the skills to that I can put in place to support myself when I am going through a difficult time to ensure I do not spiral. I rave about the benefits of counselling – and those closest to me have seen a genuine change in me – I am much brighter, lighter and more considered than I have ever been before - and that is down to Mandy and her support."   - MSG 

"Mandy’s approach to counselling was exactly what I needed. Even though she was the expert she respected me as a client enough to ask how I wanted to work at the very beginning. Her approach was always adaptable. Every week I felt that I received an even better outcome than what I had anticipated. I am still actively using strategies she shared with me. Thank you so much for your support." - MG

"Just simply a big thank you. You positively changed my mindset and view on how my anxiety takes over. Thank you for always listening and helping me reframe my thinking in order to be more positive and logical." - KC

"I came to Amanda in a very dark period of my life. And over the course of 10 months, she has helped me escape that dark period and assisted with my recovery. Amanda was able to adapt the session to my needs efficiently and smoothly. Amanda was always up to date with my life, I never felt like I had to go over or repeat recent events as she was fully aware of my situation. I have endured several different types of therapy over the last 3 year from CBT to general talking therapy, but I can hands down say my sessions with Amanda were the most effective. Amanda has truly helped me through so much and allowed me to start enjoying life by not just surviving to get to the next day but to start living my life. Even, after finishing my weekly meetings with Amanda, she still allowed me to have ‘one off’/ ‘top up’ sessions if I ever felt like I needed them. I would 100% recommend Amanda." - DB