Young People (16 +)

It was the struggles of young people that initially brought me to counselling. 
  • Why do so many young people struggle with where they fit in with their friends, family and even with the wider society?
  • Why is there a self-esteem crisis?
  • How important is control and power?
  • What role does social media play?
  • Why are they described as an age in crisis?
NHS digital* in 2019 found 16.9% of 17-19 year olds have a mental disorder. It's very shocking. 

In providing support I have worked with some of the most vulnerable children in society, mentoring children in care. Through this work I have experience of anxiety, low self-esteem, abuse, drugs, child sexual exploitation and gangs.

In my training as a counsellor I chose young people as a joint focus and now work for a youth counselling service alongside my private practise. Young people come to me struggling with low self-esteem, anxiety, identity, bereavement, friendship and family issues.

If you want a confidential and safe space with a counsellor who can help your child talk about confusing, painful or difficult thoughts and issues, I can help.

Or perhaps you, as a young person, have decided that you need some support.

Working sensitively and with compassion a trusting relationship can be built. My focus is to work in a non-judgemental way with my clients as they navigate their journey into adulthood. Helping them develop new skills and coping strategies, build resilience to manage change and make sense of their evolving world and its challenges.

I am fully DBS checked.

*Source: NHS Digital 2019